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Should your next PC be a Mac?


You need a new Computer. You pop along to your local Computer retailer to take a look at what’s available and whilst browsing the shelves, the Apple display catches your eye and you have second thoughts about buying another PC.

They ‘look great’, ‘next door’s got one’, ‘they’re idiot-proof’…these are all just some of the reason’s i’ve heard as to why people buy a Mac instead of a PC.

But make no mistake, they are not cheap. The cheapest Mac Laptop is around £900, with the ‘all-in-one’ iMac starting at a similar price. So they are not for the faint-of-heart, let alone wallet!


There is an alternative. The Mac Mini.


The little-known bargain of the Mac world, the Mac-Mini has almost identical internals to the equivalent iMac, but, it starts at £399, which, for Apple, is amazing value! You will need to provide your own keyboard, mouse and monitor, but if your upgrading from a PC, chances are you have these lying around already! So if you fancy a Mac, this is a great, no-compromise, introduction to the world of Apple computing.

I won’t go over the old Mac ‘V’ PC arguments, but if you use a computer for Email, Internet, Word Processing, Spreadsheets, storing Music and Pictures and the odd game (which is what approx. 99% of average home use is) then there is no disadvantage to using a Mac, in-fact there are several advantages.

But, don’t let the hype get in the way of the truth. If you have used a PC all your life, the layout and operation of a Mac is different to a PC and there will be a certain level of learning-curve required, but with a minimum of effort, you will be surprised at the ease-of-use, and software integration which the average PC can only dream of. If you already use an iPad and / or an iPhone, the integration and ease of use only increases.

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