I’ve got Anti-Virus Software, so why have I still got a Virus?

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I’ve got Anti-Virus Software, so why have I still got a Virus?


As a Computer Repairer, I see a lot of clients with virus problems. In the vast majority of cases they have done nothing wrong, with one exception, they put their trust in something free of charge.

Free software is great, in a few cases it’s better than commercial software, but i’m not aware of any free Anti-virus (AV) software that’s better than it’s commercial equivalents, especially when you look at cutting-edge AV products such as Norton Security 2.0.

Free AV is absolutely better than nothing at all, but has been proven in recent tests to miss anything up to 50% of potential infections. This leaves your computer potentially open to attack every time you read an email, visit a website or run a downloaded programme.


Potential problem’s that can occur if you get infected are pop-up’s or ad’s appearing on-screen, computer slow-down, the inability to access to the internet or your whole computer crashing, leaving you unable to get back into Windows!

Therefore you have to weigh up whether the potential risks of the above, especially if you use a computer for vital business or personal use, outweigh the comparatively minimal cost of a commercial AV product. However, not all commercial products are equal, please contact us for advice on products if required.

Another issue to be aware of is Commercial AV software, where the annual paid subscription has been allowed to lapse. Very recently I saw a client’s PC with over 30, yes 30, spyware, adware and virus infections. They had a major AV product installed, but hadn’t renewed it in several months. The amount of damage that had been caused to the computer was so severe, that it had to be wiped clean, costing the customer more than the £30/year renewal!

So to sum-up, if your using AVG Free, Microsoft Security Essentials or any other Free-AV product, buyer beware!


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