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Why can’t I get Wi-Fi throughout my Home or Office?


Fuming. Your Fuming. You’ve just signed a £30+ / month contract plus installation for BT Infinity or Cable to get ultra-fast broadband speed’s to your house. It work’s brilliantly, but as soon as you move your laptop or phone more than one room away from the router, you get no signal at all, what’s gone wrong?

Unfortunately, nothing. Wi-Fi (or Wireless) technology has a number of caveats that most Internet providers don’t make customers aware of until it’s too late. Top of the list is that, despite you being provided with only one Wireless Point (WAP) to connect too, there is no guarantee that this one point will cover your entire house.

You may own a 20 bedroom mansion, a 2 room office in a block or a 2 up, 2 down mid-terrace…whatever the size of house, you may find that one WAP is not enough (although to be fair, the more rooms / larger the size, the more chance of needing extra WAP’s is).

Size of property is not the only consideration. The Wi-Fi signal does travels through floors and walls surprisingly well, but as soon as it hits metal (inc. particles in breeze-blocks) or hard stone walls or floors, all bet’s are off and the signal can drop off substantially. I’ve seen 3 floor houses where one WAP is enough and equally, some in which they cannot get a signal in the very next room.

Another major consideration is the WAP (Router) provided by your ISP. Not all router’s are created equal and often the one’s provided ‘free’ are not as great when it comes to Wi-Fi coverage compared to other products available.

So what can I do?

You need a Wireless survey. This will determine exactly how far the Wi-Fi signal you have is reaching and therefore whether the router need’s adjusting or you require a replacement Router and/or additional WAP(s).

If the materials used in constructing your home / office may prevent additional WAP’s from working correcting – the survey should also determine this. That being the case other technologies can be employed, such as Powerline, which sends the networking signal over the power cables of the house, providing localised Wi-Fi in key areas, rather than full coverage, which is a great ‘second-best’ option.

Once it’s determined what equipment you need, it’s installed and adjusted to your local environment need’s, you will have a far more robust and usable Wi-Fi network.


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